Hi Alan,

First off I must apologise for not sending this email sooner. It has been a bit hectic here over the past few weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the time and effort you put in to all the sessions you delivered at our centre. I observed quite a few of them and thought you should I know that the students gained an lot from the sessions and liked the delivery style. I couldn’t have delivered that session with the same level of knowledge and conviction.

I hope to work with you again in the near future.


Liverpool College

Hi Alan,

I wanted to personally thank you for visiting our school today.

In light of recent events within our local community, your visit to our school was necessary and most important.

You delivered key safe messages to our children, ensuring they were able to ask questions without judgement.

Our children really enjoyed the knife crime awareness sessions and we have informed parents/carers of your visit also.

Our aim is to hopefully enable our children to share their awareness with others and wider families within the community.

Thank you once again and hope you are able to visit us again soon.

Carla Baker

Gwladys Street CP & N School

Alan visited our school to give a prevention talk aboutknife crime in young boys.

It was an inspirational talk that has enabled our pupils (years 5 and 6 boys) to fully understand the potential life threatening situations they could get themselves involved in, should the either carry or use a knife. His ability to inspire the pupils and get them actively involved in the conversation was in itself a real skill.

I would highly recommend using Alan again to encourage pupils not to get involved in knife crime in any environment (SEBD and mainstream settings). His affable, fun, yet serious nature captivated the pupils as they listened intently to the content being delivered.
He has experience of knife crime and has had a ‘real life’ experience with knife crime having almost died and being put into a coma. Alan is a confident, long term boxing coach and is also an inspirational character who has a the ability to tackle the current knife crime problem on the pupils level.
Would highly recommend especially at KS3 level!
Mr Paul Finnegan (Assistant Head Teacher, Ernest Cookson School).

Hi Alan,

I want to send you a quick note of thanks, I found this a real eye opener.

Alan kindly took time out to speak the young people within one of our Childrens homes. Alan has an engaging way of interacting with the young people and for just under an hour, they participated in the workshop, where they heard of many reasons to deter young people from carrying a knife. Alan gave a wider vision on lives with knives, not only from the carrier’s point of view, but from the victims and gave an overview of what a victim will be feeling and thinking and what their actions should be to have the best chance of survival. He touched on views from the the surgeons, the family, friends highlighting the ripple effect from a knife attack and giving an insight into information that that is not highlighted in the press and not always thought of until a person is affected by an incident. 

Thank you Alan, I hope our young people don’t find themselves in a situation that they need to reflect on the workshop, but if they do, the information you presented will undoubtably assist their thought process..

Zoe Donoghue, Participation Lead, Nugent


Could I please take this opportunity to thank you all again for facilitating the delivering of the Knife Crime awareness assembly for the pupils at New Heightstoday. As you will be aware, most of our pupils are the most vulnerable pupils in Liverpool and today’s assembly and the message it presents is so important to raise their awareness and educate our pupils whilst also engaging our pupils to ensure they make the correct decisions as they continue to grow.

Can I also take this opportunity to personally and on behalf of the school thank Alan for his delivering …… the pupils were enthralled throughout and given the opportunity through Alan’s personalized delivery to engage and contribute. The tone of the assembly was “right on the mark” for our pupils and we can’t thank you enough.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas.
Kind Regards
Jenny Hughes
Deputy Headteacher/
Designated Safeguarding Lead
New Heights High School – Fazakerley


Hi Alan

Thanks for this morning.

The assembly we received today from you on such an important topic in our current climate (knife crime) was brilliant. It was targeted in the right way, showing the boys not only what they expected to see about the clear pit falls of using a knife but also the aftermath and the impact it has long after making the decision to use a knife. The students certainly got the message and I do believe that this assembly will stay with them for a long time. It will get them thinking, with serious thought, about how they can support the city in trying to tackle this worrying trend. I would highly recommended all students see this.

Dean Hanwell – Head of Year 11

Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School


Alan joined us today to present a series of knife crime talks to our year 7 and 8 pupils. From the moment Alan begins his presentation he grasps the attention of the pupils. From the music, to images, to his engaging and informed talk. Alan tailors it to relate to the pupils and the catastrophic  effects and dangers of knife crime. A hard hitting, but equally inspiring presentation which made the children think about choices and possible consequences of their actions

Clare Cambell

Sacred Heart Catholic College


Hi Alan,
Thank you so much for your presentationstoday.

The message to students was clear. It was appropriately hard hitting which is crucial if it is to be effective. Your delivery engaged the students who ranged from age 11 to 16 years. It stirred sympathy in them for the families of those involved in knife crime. At a time when so many young people are making the wrong choices and succumbing to both peer and social pressure, it is so helpful to have people like you who are willing to share your story and to highlight the harsh reality of this type of crime.

I am very grateful,
Rochelle Conefrey
Kirkby High

Jessica A.

Hi Alan,

Thanks again for yesterday. One student has approached me to ask if I can pass on your name and contact details to one of the Assistant Principals in the City of Liverpool College. As the mother of a 12 year old son, this has petrified me but made me more determined to help others! This is so important and it has brought tears to my eyes. An article has just came up on the Echo reporting a 14 year old boy stabbed at half 8 last night in Liverpool – if this doesn’t reinforce the message, I don’t know what will being a mum this terrifies me !!!
Alan, that was an amazing session. I’ve spent a lot of time working with young people myself, it so sad that young people do not value the cost of a life. They really need to feel they are part of their community and not disenfranchised. In my opinion I feel its essential that the news they see around them day to day needs to show positive news as well. 
Amazing lecture, thank you so much. Thank you I have took part in many others but this was by far the best lecture on violence I have attended.
Thank you so much! That was such a powerful lecture.
Thank you very eye opening. 
Thank you so much for sharing your story it has made me think about what we can do to help. I was holding back the tears the whole time.


John Robinson AND Callum Greaves

s and partners trying to take our idea. 2 years ago I met Gary and Andy from JMeducation who shared our ideas. We now have one of the most successful boxing and fitness academy’s in the city were young people come 1st. The team is brilliant. Tutor John Robinson is one of the best educators we could ask for. Then we have Callum Greaves who trains our students again not many better out there for his age. Big things big plans for the Academy moving forward.

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Homeless community

olute pleasure to speak with the some of the homeless community today about knife crime. This community are so overlooked when it comes to being victims of violence. So many have been victims of knife crimes and/or beaten over the years. (Not by their own community but often by drunken gangs of people). When we move into the new premises we will offer free sessions were these guys can come and train and tap into our many resources. We will also work with the outstanding John Finnigan to form a forum were the homeless community have a voice with the police and the Crime Commissioner.

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