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John Robinson AND Callum Greaves

s and partners trying to take our idea. 2 years ago I met Gary and Andy from JMeducation who shared our ideas. We now have one of the most successful boxing and fitness academy’s in the city were young people come 1st. The team is brilliant. Tutor John Robinson is one of the best educators we could ask for. Then we have Callum Greaves who trains our students again not many better out there for his age. Big things big plans for the Academy moving forward.

Homeless community

olute pleasure to speak with the some of the homeless community today about knife crime. This community are so overlooked when it comes to being victims of violence. So many have been victims of knife crimes and/or beaten over the years. (Not by their own community but often by drunken gangs of people). When we move into the new premises we will offer free sessions were these guys can come and train and tap into our many resources. We will also work with the outstanding John Finnigan to form a forum were the homeless community have a voice with the police and the Crime Commissioner.

Meols Cop High School

Great day Friday @ Meols Cop High School, We spoke about the impact violence has on communities we also spoke about the trauma and devastation being involved in knife crime brings. #anfieldabc  #pathwaysliverpool #realmendontcarryknives


Was great having some of North Liverpool Academy year 8 students at the gym today. Today some of our level 2 Boxing Academy Students got to help deliver a fitness / boxing session for the 1st time. These students are on a pathway to a career in sport and fitness. This is a partnership between #pathwaysliverpool #anfieldabc #realmendontcarryknives #activityforall #englandboxing everything we do is to reduce the risk of you g people being involved in gang culture or violence.